Vintage, Chic and Functional Designs Worth Gifting

This year’s mooncakes are presented in two stunning, intricately designed and multi-functional box concepts. A new tin box in vibrant crimson representing Kempinski’s iconic Lady in Red and an elegant jade jewellery box make their debut this Mid-autumn. Emblazoned with inspiring iconographies that narrate the rich heritage of Capitol Singapore, CHIJMES as well as the iconic Capitol Theatre – harking to the story of Singapore’s colourful past as a commercial hub. Both designs have been carefully curated and are perfect additions to any mooncake connoisseurs’ collection of limited-edition boxes.

These new boxes come with an additional top-up option of matching tote bags that are chic enough for an active urban lifestyle or as a picnic bag. The multi-purpose bags are made from premium canvas and adorned with classic heritage images and iconographies as well.

Amidst the prints, spot the Capitol Building and Stamford House. It is exactly within these two buildings that The Capitol Kempinski Hotel sits, making them the perfect decoration of the mooncake boxes and bags. Melding both Eastern and Western elements, the boxes celebrate colonial beauty without forgetting to highlight the comforting Asian sensibility and hues of the occasion.


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